supporting the haven breast  cancer clinic in Worcester for 2018

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This website provides you with a variety of choices for entertainment. Having a party or wedding, be entertained by  RDC Sounds, you may see more by clicking on the tab above.

Our entertainment is not only for fun occasions but also for charity. 

The breast cancer unit is in need of our support in order to gain sufficient supplies for the care of our men and women who are suffering from this disease. 

 We have set up five charity events  so far for 2018 in order to help raise funds 

The support of everyone is needed in order to achieve this goal. 

Breast cancer has no respect of person, anyone can have this disease, young, old, female or even male.

Check out our website to gain more knowledge about our gigs, venue time and locations by clicking on the tabs above. 

Scroll through the site to see some of the benefits that you can received once you become a sponsor and also where to purchase your tickets for these gigs.

You are invited on board to support this worthy cause.

With regard to Cashback World this is our unique loyalty card and this gives you cashback and shopping points via the internet and the 95 love to shop sites 

you can build a business under this scheme by encouraging other people to join your team or to get stakeholders ; sports clubs etc to join 

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Please note we require Sponsors for all our events taking place this year and also need donations for Raffle prices

The sponsorship package includes the following:

  • We will provide you with links to our website and Facebook page throughout 2018.
  • Free advertisements on our Banners,  Posters etc
  • At every event/venue, your flyers, posters or any advertising materials provided will be displayed.
  • There is a one time payment of £50.00 for each sponsors. Please bear in mind that this charity is for a worthy cause and your support is essential in order for this to be a success. 
  • We accept cash or prizes for the raffles. All cash donations should be paid by using tab under buy your tickets 

 Join  our unique loyalty card scheme called CASHBACK WORLD. To do this please send us your email address and I will send you a link.  Please visit our discos at RDC SOUNDS and my Perfume shop at FM WORLD 

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